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Humberto Rodriguez, CLU, was born in Havana, veteran of the U.S. Army during the Vietnam Era, lives in Florida, had a career in insurance and accounting, later became a writer, programmer, podcaster, broadcaster, webmaster and webhost.

Totally blind for many years, he now programs for the web, has an internet radio station, a site dedicated to podcasts, sites for other purposes, writes in his spare time and often the V A contracts him to teach other veterans the use of JAWS, Victor Reader, Milestone, ORCAM and whatever adaptive technology for the blind they issue, either in person in Northern Florida and South Georgia or remotely anywhere in the country using JAWS Tandem.

He will write articles for newspapers, magazines or blogs, manuals or books, on politics, economics, history, insurance, accounting, blindness, web and web programming, broadcasting, podcasting, publishing.


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