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Joke of the Day

THE 21  THINNEST BOOKS (2nd Edition)

21.  How I Served My  Country   by Jane Fonda
20.  My Beauty  Secrets  by Janet Reno
19.  How to Build Your Own  Airplane  by John Denver
18.  My Super Bowl  Highlights  by Dan Marino
17.  Things I Love About  Bill   by Hilary Clinton
16.  My Little Book  of Personal Hygiene  by Osama Bin Laden
15.   Things I Cannot Afford  by Bill Gates
14.   Things I Would Not Do For Money  by Dennis  Rodman
13.  My Wild Years  by Al  Gore
12.  Amelia Earhart's Guide to the  Pacific
11.  America's Most  Popular Lawyers
10.   Detroit:  A  Travel Guide
9.   A  Collection of Motivational Speeches  by Dr.  Kevorkian
8.   Everything Men Know About  Women
7.   Everything Women Know About  Men
6.   All the Men I Have Loved Before   by Ellen De Generes
5.   Mike Tyson's Guide to Dating  Etiquette
4.   Spotted Owl Recipes  by  the EPA
3.   The Amish Phone  Directory
2.   My Plan to Find the Real  Killers   by O.J. Simpson

And the world's number one  thinnest  book...........
1.    My Book of Morals   by Bill Clinton, with introduction by the Rev. Jessie  Jackson

Thought of the Day

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.  
~Norman Vincent Peale
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